Blade and Soul Mod

Published by Leysmo on Tue, 12/27/2016 - 02:37
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Brief description

This mod adds new armor and new swords to the game from Blade and Soul. The new gear is much better than diamond level items but to fully upgrade your new gear to a maximum level you will need to grind a lot of materials, A LOT! The grind will cost it self. Crafted gear gets special enchantments and will get better and better with the next evolutions. 


Version 0.8 - Adds new armor.

Version 0.7 - Fixed a bug with Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup be uncraftable.

Version 0.6 - Fixes some crafting recepies and adds 2 new achievements.

New Ores:

  • Soulstone ore  (Can be mined with iron pickaxe and higher, gives 1 soulstone, spawns from hight 60 and below.)
  • Moonstone ore  (Can be mined with iron pickaxe and higher, gives 1 moonstone, spawns from hight 40 and below.)

New Materials:

  • Viridian Poison
  • The Blight Fang
  • Infernal Lord's Horn
  • Moonwater Tear
  • Soulstone
  • Frozen Stinger
  • Moonstone
  • Honorary Ornament
  • Simple Refinder
  • Viridian Transformation Stone
  • Earthen Refinder
  • Cinderlands Transformation Stone
  • Tempered Clay Refinder
  • Moonwater Transformation Stone
  • Kaolin Refinder
  • Silverfrost Transformation Stone
  • Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

New Weapons: - To get next sword evolution you will need the previous sword first.

  • Hongmoon Sword
  • Blight Sword
  • Infernal Sword
  • Profane Sword
  • Oathbreaker Sword
  • Breeze Sword
  • Scorpio Sword
  • Seraph's Phantom Sword Stage 1
  • Seraph's Phantom Sword Stage 2

New Armor: - Same as weapons can be evolved, also final evolution stage armor gets some potion effects. The video below will be updated with new crafting recepies soon.

  • Hongmoon Armor Set  (Doesn't have boots.)
  • Blight Armor Set  (Doesn't have boots and leggins.)
  • Infernal Armor Set  (Doesn't have boots.)
  • Pirate Armor Full Set 
  • Oathbreaker Armor Full Set
  • Scorpio Armor  (Helmet only.)
  • Yeti Armor  (Leggins only.)
  • Python Armor  (Body and boots only.)

New Food:

  • Dumpling  (Restores 3.5 hunger bars and adds regeneration effect for 30 sec.)
  • Healing Posion  (Fully restores health and adds regeneration effect for 30 sec.)
  • Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup  (Fully restores hunger bar, adds regeneration effect for 30 sec. and bonus health for 25 mins.)

Notice: Crafting recepies can be very confusing so I recommend playing with a mod that tells you the crafting recepies or watch the video below and pause when you need to chech the recepies.