Published by 9Tea on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 03:02
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Due to errors, this part of the mod will no longe be updated, save for a single texture update. i will make a companion mod becausei feel that the errors i am havign stem from the size of the single mod

Specail thanks goes out to ahig for making some textures for me, hes a huge help because the textures he makes are amazing so i can feel really good about publishing.

all you sujestions are welcome! feel free to comment bellow and ill probably add it to the mod!

Mana Craft is a Adventure mod, it will add more structures, Weapons, Items and bosses all stemign from the mods main ore, Mana.

in the currsent version the bosses and structures are unimplemented but there are 4 different ores and 5 different armor sets as well as a variety of weapons.

its also my first mod so i hope you enjoy!


whelp, i finished 0.06, but i had 12 more items planned for this release that i couldnt add in due to errors. they will be pached in later but for now the 0.06 update is dubbed the RIP darkryte update XD because i really liked that ore but its gone now :/


The current version is: Release 0.06 for MineCraft 1.10,2


Give it a try, you will find it suprisingly fun, even at its current stage!!


Known Bugs(to be fixed in the next release):

Mana Enhanced Armor's jump boost is way to strong. (fixed Release 0.06)

the mages textures are messed up


Mana Dimention (release 0.03

Marbled Dimention (release 0.06)

Crafting Recipies (Rlelease 0.03)

Stone Tablet

Mana Tablet

Condensed Mana

Imperfect Infusion Dust

Imperfectly Fused Mana

Infusion Tablet

Perfect Infusion Dust

Perfectly Infused Mana

Infused Iron Ingot

Enhanced Iron Ingot

Pylon Core

Mana Crystal

Infused Mana Crystal

Mana Pylon

Infused Mana Pylon

Mana Enhanced Wood

Mana Enhanced Wood Planks

Enhanced Wood Helmet

Enhanced Wood Chestplate

Enhanced Wood Leggings

Enhanced Wood Boots

Mana Enhanced Helmet

Mana Enhanced Chestplate

Mana Enhanced Leggings

Mana Enhanced Boots

Mana Infused Helmet

Mana Infused Chestplate

Mana Infused Leggings

Mana Infused Boots

Mana Portal Frame

Mana Portal Igniter

Magmite Ingot

Magmite Helmet

Magmite Chestplate

Magmite Leggings

Magmite Boots

Magite Ingot

Magite Helmet

Magite Chestplate

Magite Leggings

Magite Boots

Mana Enhanced Sword

Enhanced Double Sword

Mana Infused Sword

Infused Double Sword

Magmite Sword

Magmite Double Sword

Magite Sword

Magite Double Sword

Mana Enhanced Pickaxe

Mana Infused Pickaxe

Magmite Pickaxe

if i forgot a recipie on here let me know and ill add it!

For version 0.06 and onwards you will have to use NEI, there are way to many for me to add here and still keep my sanity.

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In development
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manacraft_release_0.03.jar - The first Official Release!315.62 KB
v0.06.jar - The RIP Darkryte Update656.42 KB

Submitted by 9Tea on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 04:34

Feel Free To Comment Your Thoughts Of The Mod!

@#2 thanks :D much more is coming in the next updates, i just wanted to release the "Pre-Alpha Version" so stay tuned for the next update because it is planned to include 6 more armor types, 2 more dimensions, over 20 more weapons, 6 new normal monster and 2 new bosses as well as a whole host of other things :D

You said your gonna make a companion mod, how do you make a companion mod? They don't let mods interact with other mods

@#5 it will have elements that his one missed, like mobs and new portals, it will look like it fit seamlessly into manacraft but the only actual requirements will be the custom mining level pickaxes of 4 and above, so that's the only interaction they will have