Randomness mod!

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a mod i worked for awhile on. you can see i think most of the stuff i nthe screenshots!

also thx to my friends on steam and my real life friend for some of the ideas!

hope you enjoy!

if you find any bugs please tell me and ill try and fix! (p.s idk how i can fix the cake glitch. lol)

bye! :)

(P.S i would love if someone mod showcased this! :D)


ALSO! thx to people who i asked help for for responding and helping me!

Modification files

the mod got removed for the glitch that literally got patched right after it happened to me.. i been working on a new one though! :D

the second mod still again destroyed... by a mcreator missing texture glitch. ima upgrade to the newest version. 1.12.2

the thumbnail picture alone :)

and, above all, the mod is appropriately named - this is really cool