MondMod 1.0.1

Published by Bagieton on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 22:22
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Hello here Bagieton.

It is my first mod so please be understanding.

You can for me send your ideas perhaps will be added in next update mod at the moment not yet is developed but future updates will already  change it .

MondMod 1.0.0 is adding to the game:

- New Ore : Mond ore (a piece is falling out of it mond)

- New Bars : Mond Bar , Obsidian bar , Oben bar

- New Tools : Mond axe , Mond pickaxe , Mond shovel , Mond hoe

- New weapons : Mond sword , Oben sword

- New Item (functional object​) : Rune of night

MondMod 1.0.1 is adding to the game:

- New Blocks : Mond block , Oben block

- New weapon : Oben Bow 

- New ammo : Oben Arrow

- New item (functional object) : Rune of Sun



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