Space Mod 1.10.2

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This mod is based off of outer space pitch black sky and all the room you can build your fleet there will be more to come so good luck on the beta Version and there will be parts to go with the mod here that you can build from, i am still working on the mod so you can build with whats from the game for now please build as you normaly would and bare with me :D...Also to open the portal your gonna need the portal itself that is in the tools tab, also your gonna need stone blocks and set them 5 high 4 acrossed...


- portal to space.

- Space Portal Download 1 - Space-1.10.2


- Buildable Blocks for Ships.

- useable items part 2 download 2 - Space-1.10.2-v1.2

MC-v1.10.2-Beta-3: - Re-Opened

- More items 

- SpaceItemsMod - v1.10.2-Beta-3

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In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
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Hope The Mod is good it is my first ever mod that i tried to make but i am working on a side piece that goes into it that's a tab and has building items for ships and this and thats hope ya like it :D

Stone for the portal and the way to open it is in the tools tab in creative

stone for portal frame sorry :D and the item to activate it is in tools tab is at bottom front item in the tools

HEY! that is my mod!...ok...nice mod but...i am the Space King! so only we have the copyright!

@#5 i never copy righten it kid i just thought it be nice and i made a mod from my own thought plus im in the middle of making ship buildable items for my mod under my own design now don't be teling me that kind of stuff kiddo

no i was just joking on my nick..."SpaceMiners_444"...uhm...i'm just a little embarassed...