More Ores Mod Alpha

Published by SkyGaming on Sun, 01/29/2017 - 03:19
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This is the More Ores Mod it adds ores a dimention and a use for emeralds. This mod is still in alpha if there are any bugs and/or something you want added please email me at or you can submit your ideas to this fourm


+ = Added, - = Removed, * = Tweaked.


Alpha 0.5

+Silver Ore

+Silver Ingot

+Silver Block

Alpha 0.4:

*Dark Ore

*Light Ore

*Ruby Ore

*Burried Ruby

*Burried Emerald

Alpha 0.3,

+Copper Ore

+Copper Block

+Gun Crafter

+Copper Bullet Shell

+Copper Bullet

-Emerald Ore

+Desert Eagle

+More Creative Tabs

Alpha 0.2:  

+Added Light Ore,

+Light Armour,

+Light Ingot,

+Light Tools,

+Light Dimension,

+Light Ignitor,

+Light Block

+more Creative Tabs

Modification files - More Ores Mod Alpha v0.2 (For 1.7.10)297.48 KB
moreoresmodalphav0.3.jar - More Ores Mod Alpha v0.3 (For 1.10.2)366.98 KB
moreoresmodalpha0.4.jar - More Ores Mod Alpha v0.4 (For 1.10.2)366.98 KB
moreoresmodalphav0.5.jar - More Ores Mod Alpha v0.5 (For 1.10.2)384.54 KB

Features: Emerald Ore, Emerald Armour, Emerald Tools, Emerald String and Stick, Ruby Ore, Ruby, Ruby Block, Dark Ore, Dark Ingot, Dark Portal Frame, Dark Ignitor, Dark Dimension. More to come soon