Be A Legend

Submitted by Im Mystiic on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 07:55
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You may think this is a poorly made mod because it was made on MCreator? Yeah well its not really poorly made becuase MCreator has given us the ability to make some amazing mods. For example you have my mod. Be A Legend. This is adds some new ore, new metals as well as their molten form and even HD armor. My goal was to make the mod unique to other PVP based mods, and i might have achieven that goal but that is for you to decide. I still have alot to add in and alot planned for the future.

But i will say one thing. My mod doesnt have any wepaons or tools, and i will probably keep it that way. I am thinking of adding a LITTLE bit of tools and maybe weapons but thats it. If your looking for a mod thats based on weapons and tools, check 'TurkishForDelights' mod 'FoolsArsenal' linked here

Here is some of my planned content for the future:

-New dimemsions (You have to wait and see what i come up with;)

-More Armor, such as Cobalt, Chromium, Scandium, Wood, Hide (Not leather, whole new material coming soon;)

- Some Tools

- New Structures

- New Biomes

- And more items to help you Be A Legend!

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