Akumod (The godd unleashed)

Published by Arthasio29 on Tue, 02/21/2017 - 11:05
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Akumod :


Akumod is a mod that brings a lot of things to the game: I explain.

Akumod adds 5 different minerals such as: Aquacristal or Terracristal. It adds weapons, the Canon has Terra energie or the Pyrosword. It adds tools, the stick of the earth or even the multi-purpose elementary.

No mob is added but one dimension.

We make its portal with akumablocks and the Akuma key.

The akuma ore is the most valuable and powerful resource because the weapons / armor it brings are demolish, eg the akumasword with its 22 attacks or the pickaxe, which mines at high speed V.

The armor of the elements Are more or less powerful ...

Finally, it was my presentation, thank you for having read all, and has the next for a new mod!

Modification files
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