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Published by Mati1903 on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 19:43
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Hi, welcome to More Fuels Mod page.

This mod was created with Mcreator 1.7.1.

The mod version is the 1.0, and its for minecraft 1.10.2

In a few days I will upload the mod version to minecraft 1.7.10

About Mod:

This mod add new fuels and new dusts. (This dusts can be used like fuel)

To obtain the dusts, you just have to burn the ore, like diamond, iron, etc.

(In this version there are only five dusts and fuels, but Im working to add more.)

In this mod there is a new ore, Ruby, you can burn it and get the Ruby Dust, to use it like fuel.

Coming Soon: 

+Iron Chest

+Diamond Chest

+Gold Chest

+Lapiz Lasuli Dust/Fuel

+Silver Ore/Dust/Fuel

+Silver Chest

+New Plants that can be used like fuel

+New Trees, and New Wood that can be used like fuel.

All this will be added in the mod version 1.0.1

Dusts/Fuels power:

Diamond Dust: 2.400

Ruby Dust: 2.000

Iron Dust: 1.800

Redstone Dust: 1.750

Gold Dust: 1.450




You can download the mod just clicking in the link ritght there --------->

But if you want to help me, you can download the mod from here:

More Fuels Mod 1.0:


1.7.10: (W.I.P)


Thank you for download the mod and visiting my page, I really appreciate it. Im working to make the mod a really good mod, but from now this is all, thank you!

Matias Finochio.

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