Paddy Craft 1.0.0

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Paddy Craft 1.0.0 For 1.11.2 Has Been Released This Is A Mod That Was Being Prepared For Today Expecially As It Is St Patricks Day I Hope You Enjoy Playing This Mod And Have Fun On Your Irish Adventures I Am Currently Working On Another Project And The Update For Sky Generations Should Be Released In April Happy Paddys Day !                               -UnlimatedStone9

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Happy Paddys Day Everybody ! Especially My Fellow Irish Men !

I see the gold leaves aren't properly generated on trees and the saplings are survival unobtainable ill try to fix them now or if not soon even if paddys day is only today

Currently Working On A New Version Of This Mod Called Paddy Craft 2 And Will Be Releasing It On Paddys Day Again, Unique To This Edition Of Course And For 1.12.2