Mist of The Berserker 2 -Discontinued-

Published by maxde6 on Mon, 04/03/2017 - 01:40
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Finally after me talking about for a long time Motb 2 is released.

  Motb 2 is unfinished and most things I have planned are not in the mod yet.

MOBS: The Lance

The Lance carries a wooden sword and fires slimeballs the player

The Blood Spider

The Blood spider isnt much different from the normal spider except it has more HP and drops blood when killed


Blood, Blood doesnt serve many purposes like in the first Motb except it can be used to make Blood Bricks.

Mist, Mist is found in many areas it is used to make Mist Armour Mist Tools and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fatalinite, Fatalinite makes the best tools and Armour in the game.

Long Stick, at the moment long sticks dont serve much use it will be used in the future for a new weapon class.

Ruby, Rubys are based of the removed feature from the early stages of Minecraft.


Blood Bricks, Blood Bricks are useless.

Odd Fern, Odd Ferns drop a special food.

Mist, Ruby, and Fatalinite ore, they are found underground and drop Mist, Rubys, and Fatalinite Gems.

Cinnabar, Cinnabar is common and quite useless.

Mist Block, Mist Blocks are fancy blocks made of mist.

Food Items:

Cooked Flesh, Cooked Flesh is rotten flesh but edible.

Meri Berry, Meri Berry is a sugary berry that fills little hunger.

Cacel Berry, Cacel Berries are full of a deadly toxin that causes poison.

Siol Berry, a tasty berry that fills lots of hunger.

Special Apple, dropped by the Odd Fern and isnt all that special.

Meri Cacel and Siol Jam, just like the berries except fills more hunger.


Meri Berry Bush, drops Meri Berries.

Cacel Berry Bush, drops Cacel Berries.

Siol Berry Bush, drops Siol Berries.

Odd Fern, rare fern that drops a special food.

In the Future:

The Spells, I will be bringing back the spells that were present in MOTB 1.

More Mobs, more mobs such as the Manfester and mabye Dicehead.

Topaz and Amethyst, more gems to be found while mining.


That is mostly all thats in Motb 2 at the moment.

I plan on adding much more to the mod.

And I will update the mod very soon.

This mod is discontinued, however I may release the unfinished BETA 5 version.



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