Quantinium alpha 0.1.0

Published by ModdyMan on Sat, 04/15/2017 - 18:41
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Once you have done the grind you can get infinate resources for building. Notes: 1.This is an alpha build so feedback and response is welcomed 2.recommened for highly modded clients possible to make wither farms 3.until next update recommened to use NEI (Not enough items), JEI (Just enough items) or TMI (Too many items) 4.if you look at the mod and it says beta in the version section this is a mistake 5. items i forgot too add on the update log: 1.recipie book 2.died wool 3.working achievments.

Warning:be careful with the quantum block and the cursed quantum block, their highly explosive.

Stuff and Things:the cursed quantinium is 4 times less powerfull so the explosions are 4 times weaker and using quantum blocks from other dimensions (you need cursed quantinium items to craft quantum versions of other dimension blocks)only gives you 1 per click instead of 4.

New mod logo/image comming soon

Author Status:Going to sleep

Modification files
quantinim_15.04.2017.jar - First public beta of quantinium mod576.54 KB

There is a pattern I used for quantinium textures, would you like to see a video on how to do it?