EvolutionMod 1.10.2

Published by OpexCraft on Sat, 05/13/2017 - 16:42
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In development
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Mod created by OpexCraft, this mod brings evolutions of some vanilla items

And some of the mod

Mod is in beta

If they find any bug in the mod, contact .

1.0.0 adds




benitoite armor

sapphire armor

shadow armor , only for the mob "shadow creature"




benitoite ore

benitoire block

sapphire ore

sapphire block

gui block

super cobblestone

Stone charcoal Ore


 foods,items and tools added




benitoite sword

benitoite axe

benitoite pickaxe

benitoite hoe

benitoite shovel

sapphire sword cm , r , vr , e , ve , l and m

sapphire pickaxe

sapphire axe

sapphire hoe

sapphire shovel

sapphire apple

diamond sword evolved 

stone sword evolved

wood sword evolved

iron sword evolved

gold sword evolved

gold trident

iron trident

diamond trident

super cobblestone sword

super cobblestone axe

super cobblestone pickaxe

super cobblestone hoe

super cobblestone shovel

stone charcoal


itens obj


sapphire pickaxe

sapphire sword m








BY OPEX ... xD








Modification files
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