Xerdax Mod 1.10.2

Submitted by vandammeKenzo@… on Sun, 05/14/2017 - 09:14
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This is a powerful mod that will add more creatures in you game and will give you more gear and Guns like [Xerdax Minigun ,Xerdax assault rifle ;... / and will add more creatures in you game like [wizard ,strange zombie [that hevs a glitch that will get removed soon []this bug or glitch don't will do anything on you game  and the [New updates Will add [ New Boss [Brolly [ Strange zombie will by move and do what he needs to do like attack you :b [Armor will get stronger [Maybe a Xerdax Golem]:[Strange biome will by different and better [ werdizandia will get better [Xerdax Sniper [Xerdax flamethrower [Ultimate Armor will By better [Gass zombie [Devil May By [Xerdax AK47 [Xerdax Magnum [Xerdax Apple will by Better and more worth than it is Now [] That are all the featured updates at the moment

                  Featured-->    [THIS MOD IS UPDATING] THIS MOD WILL GET RESET AND WILL BY 100% UPDATET AND WILL HEVE BETTER TOOLS     [The update will [MEBY] come this week]<---

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The Xerdax Mod is removed from email account the updates of the Xerdax Mod will by on this account