HEXeco The New Green Power Is ON!

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You are tired of standard and limited fuel resources?

Or chop many trees?

HEXeco has created for unlimited fuel in your minecraft 

For example, i have 12 stirling engines for a hungry quarry but the fuel is

limited and i live in a desert... what can do?

mmmmph, craft a Solar Panel! the solar panel creates a unlimited coal from sun

It generate energy in item form for use of all type of generator

it is simple usage

If i no have lapis dye?

Craft a Bog Earth, you only place in the world and Wait to start raining

and harvest it with a shovel

The Rain is annoying! what i can do?

Craft a Climate Control Unit

But if i want to go to adventures?

Upgrade it to be a Wireless Climate Control Unit

I Don't want to click buttons to turn day or control Wheather anymore!

Upgrade it to a automatic Climate Control UNIT!

Mirror downloads of HEXeco:https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/hexeco

Mirror downloads of Wolfcore (The coremod):https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/wolf-core





Some Recipes from the mod (Note: The hopper icon is the CHUTE block, to avoid Several weirdness!)



Modification files
hexeco_2.0.1.zip - HEXeco 2.0.1 Unzip me! (With coremod)962.2 KB