WirelessElectronics Mod

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This mod helps you to get through survival by turning a modern phone into a multitool along with bringing a new dimension containing redstone. The phone is both the useless shovel and a sword. The power of the phone should be enough to kill zombies and/or any other mobs you may encounter. This is my first mod, and I am planning on making more, so if you do like this mod, please tell me so that I can update it. If this one doesn't turn out successful, I will still try to update this mod even though people have given up on it. Certain blocks and items like the Wifi Router are only useful in recipes, and will be given use in future installments.


Grid (Block)

Redstone Crystal Ore



Wifi Router (No Use)

Archive (Block) (No Use)

Charger (No Use)

Phone (No SIM Card)

Redstone Ball

Redstone Crystal



Grid (Item)(Acts as fence)



Phone (SIM Card)

Redstone Lighter



Battery (No Use)

SIM Card (No Use)

Mega Battery (Used As Fuel)

This mod is only a WIP, but is still a good try at the modding community of minecraft as well as going a step further at creating games so enjoy!


Modification files
wirelesselectronicsmod_1.7.10.jar - (1.7.10) WirelessElectronics Mod 100.36 KB