Survival Craft (Out of date)

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This Mod is very new and is tested to work on most 1.11.2 forge servers with no problems, Due to mod limitations I have removed quite alot before I released this. sorry );

Currently Added Stuff


darkstone, dark cobble, and dark stone bricks.

fluid tanks:

water tank, lava tank, milk tank


Ruby ore: Has a pickaxe and a sword for tool crafting also includes block of ruby

Rose Quartz: the overworld version of nether quartz. 

And some other thing are in the mod as well 




Thanks for checking this out!   Sky Star Gamer (MOD CREATOR)


I'm going to update this later so the mod page has all new items tools and biomes 

Modification files
survivalcraft.jar - 0.0.1 old158.57 KB
survivalcraft.jar - 0.0.2 This is out of date! Check my homepage for the latest version! 336.36 KB