Published by Natxd on Sun, 06/11/2017 - 13:51
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Hello, I'm Natxd i want to show you my mod.

GemStoneMod adds 16 gems: topaz, goshenite, bixbite, morganite, cymophane, aquamarine, alexandrite, heliodor, scapolite, spinel, tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, agate, jasper and malachite. To destroy ore you need iron pickaxe, or better(without agate, jasper and malachite, this ores can be destroy by stone pickaxe(malachite ore can be destroy by hand)).  

Mod also adds tools and blocks from them. Tools are similar to diamond tools(without agate, jasper and malachite tools, this tools are similar to iron tools(malachite tools are similar to stone tools)).

Malachite dust is green dye. You can make malachite dust from malachite.

All the gems in the mod are real.

Thank you for 100 downloads :)


Modification files
gemstonemod_1.1.0.jar - Download 1.7.10 OLD version (without ruby, sapphire, agate, jasper and malachite)426.15 KB
gemstonemod_1.7.10.jar - Download 1.7.10 newest version757.36 KB