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This is my mod! It includes the moon dimension, Moonstone, Frendly and Angry aliens, Hamsters, money, a new ore, very tough rocket walls, robots, and more! There are some work in progress mods (W.I.P) that are comming soon! To make the portal you need rocket walls- 7 iron, 1 gold in middle, and 1 obsidian to the right of the gold. For the activator, you need a blast rocket- 3 gold spaced out like this- top, botom left, bottom right, a firework in the middle, and a firework star at the bottom between the 2 gold and the firework. You may need a mod to show you all the recipes. You don't need a spacesuit for the moon yet!

Changes 1.1:

New info book made of a book and a gold ingot, recipe is shapeless, shows a few recipes you can use. Removed melted moonstone liquid. Bugs fixes: moonstone, rocket wall, and moonstone ore now drops. The achevements now work. rocket wall is now tougther.

New for 1.2!

You can now trade with Aliens! New Wand Of Lightning, use it when it rains, be careful with it... ! New biome: Explode biome, here you can find the king creeper! King creeper is easier to defeat and can be found in survival! Stand back when you Kill it..! A lolipop! New recipe for gunpowder if your in peaceful! New ore block! A rocket blaster block for building! Rocket walls can only be mined with a iron or greater pickaxe. 

New for 1.4!

The King Creeper has less health and you can find it better, but it spawns creepers! Stand away from it! Hint: Use lava! New lolipop texture! Lock block and a key!!!!!!!! Best part: You can now grow a money tree!!!! craft a sapling or get lucky and have bone meal grow a sapling! Bugs Fixes: All mod blocks now drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't drop in creative!!!!!!!!!!(Needed to fix the harvest levels!) 1.4.1: Fixed a thing that could cause problems, and added a non-flying flying pig!

New for 1.5:

Robots! they can help protect you! More robots comming soon! You need robot parts to build one! Some robots are evil! Fixed some stuff!

How to grow a money tree:

1. get a sapling, there are 2 ways: Craft or grow one using bone meal. If your crafting, then first you need 4 feathers, a bottle of enchantment, which you can get from villager trading, and 2 ink sacs. put the feathes and the bottle in a + shape with the bottle below, the put the inks next to the bottle, this will make a ​Magic Feather. ​Use the Magic feather with paper and Money to make a job sheet (| line shape) , and then put that into the crafting table! This will make a Money Tree Sapling With a Checkmark above it. If you did the growing way, put the grown Sampling in the crafting table for it to grow into a tree.

2.To grow it you need a bucket of water and the Money tree sapling, That is all you need. When you place it, it will have a check mark over it or water over it, the water one, you need to give it water to turn it into a check mark, then give the check mark one , if it is a check mark one, some water! you are good if it has a star on it, then right click it to make it grow! you can get more saplings with the leaves!

Don't step on or destroy the sapling!

Mod made with MCreator and Mr. Crayfish Model creator!

Recomended to use Optifine!

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