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This mod adds a new material to Minecraft that makes SO MUCH new stuff! And best of all... it's all BLUE!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                 


How to put mods into Minecraft (Forge, Windows)

1. On your keyboard, hold the Windows key and R. The Windows key is either black or has the Windows logo on it. Then let go of the buttons. Something should appear on the bottom of your screen called "Run​." In the text box provided, type %appdata%, then click Enter on your keyboard or the OK button in the window.

2.​ Double-click the .minecraft folder (assuming you have Minecraft.) Make sure Minecraft Forge ​is downloaded on the client you're using (​). You should see a bunch of different folders. There should be one called "mods." Double-click it.​

3.​ If you have downloaded mods before, they'll be in that folder. If not then it should be empty. Drag the mod of choice into the folder (assuming you downloaded it). Then you're done! The mod will be enabled right as it goes in the folder, assuming the mod works. Then go into Minecraft (with Forge enabled) and enjoy your new mod!

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