FusionMod Full 0.4 Monster update coming

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You can also give me suggestions  [GUY THE BIGGEST UPDATE EVER COMING TODAY ][DATE:24.07.2017 21:23]


Magic Wands coming


Updated time: 23.07.2017 22:32

Items:Item droper type [Diamond Boots],redstone Sword,Fusion MOD tab[OLD information]

News:new Sword new minecraft TAB,new food,new portal,

Update Date:Unknown


Hello please rate my mod if you have bugs please say it me ;)

see video with how to use this mod 

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development
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This mod is cool. You forgot about the sword's stick,beacause actually it looks like a sword that only an alien (like the dreamcast controller creators XD) could have in his hands.