Power Orbs-Alpha

Published by KingFuture on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 21:16
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Power Orbs- Alpha

There are 5 types of orbs in this mod:

​Fire Orb- can be used to make the Fire Pod and the Fire Sword (fire resistance and fire aspect)

​Aqua Orb- can be used to make the Aqua Pod and the Aqua Sword (hability: breathing underwater)

​Regen Orb- can be used to make the Regen Pod and Regen Sword (hability: regeneration)

Speed orb- can be used to make the Speed Pod and Speed Sword (hability: speed)

​Strenght Orb-can be used to make the Strenght Pod and Strenght Sword (hability: strenght)

Special Orbs

​XP orb- used to make the XP Murder (needs to be charged with the XP Orb with 100% charged)​

Mana Orb- (not working yet)

Energy Orb- used as ammunition for phasers


​Tantayo- used to make stronger orbs than normal orbs


​There are 3 essences: Air, Dark and Divine essence

​Essences are used to make Hability Hands (consumes mana, but will be used in a future update)

Pickaxes and Mining Powers

​Mining Powers are upgrades for Special Pickaxe Tool

Power Rings

​You need the Power Rings to use the Aqua, Rejuvenation and Power Armour

The mod is being created yet and is an Alpha version





Release type
In development
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Submitted by KingFuture on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 21:19

I will create mobs and adventure items for the next update.

Nice ideas. If you continue adding content, this will be a popular mod!