Colored Bricks

Published by Timm_BozZ on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 09:17
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This mod, made by me, Timm_BozZ, is a Mod, that adds Bricks in all 16 Colors, so you can use them to decorate houses etc..


Step 1:


Place the Items in the Crafting Table as seen in the Picture.:

When done correctly, you get four clay balls of the chosen dye to craft them.

NOTE: Use the SAME EXACT PATTERN as seen in the Picture, otherwise it won't work! (MCreator doesn't let me make un-shaped recipes.)


Step 2:

Place the stained clay balls in the furnace as shown in the picture:


Step 3 (Final Step):

Place the stained brick(s) in the crafting table as shown in the picture:


Again, has to be the exact SAME pattern.



Ver. 1.0.0

- Initial Release

Ver. 1.0.1

- NEW and Better Description

- Better Showcase Pictures

- Now you get 4 stained clay balls instead of only one (Thanks To @Tuki 812004)

Modification files
colored_bricks.jar - OLD - Ver. 1.0.0204.11 KB
colored-bricks_1.11.2-1.0.1.jar - NEW - Ver. 1.0.1204.1 KB

Nice mod and Texture =)
But it would be better if the colored clay uses less dyes to craft ( It is to expensive to make a lot of bricks!)

I have more ideas for you ( but if you don't like it, don't do it, it's your choice). Make more forms of bricks like big tiles brick for floor, medium tiles form like stone bricks, or some kind of roof tiles,... It's a lot to draw a bricks texture. I hope you will like it! =)) Your lastest version already has more than 50 downloads.

Well its a good idea but its not enough for a mod to be added to a world or a mod pack. You could add the stuff that Tuki 812004 said in his comment and for the picture make a wall of the bricks of all colors and make it so its day and you can only see the bricks. We dont need to see the other world and if it was day we could see better!