Published by MDL4848 on Fri, 08/04/2017 - 06:49
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This Mod adds in creatures from the transformers extended universe including "transformers the movie", "transformers G1" and "transformers energon". The mod adds the folowing features:

Unicron​ and Black Unicron

Unicronian, Unicronian Swords, Unicronian Armour, Unicronian Ore and Unicronian Blocks

Unicron's Chest Cannon

Optimus Prime

Transformium, Transformium Swords, Transformium Armour and Transformium Blocks

The dark energon field biome

The space dimension

And more to come


Modification files
unicroncraft.mcrUploaded on: 08/04/2017 - 06:49   File size: 5.1 MB