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 Hi! This is my first mod, so it can be a little bit buggy.

This mod adds a lot of green things like weapons and crystals.

First you´ll need this crystal. The green crystal. Its a little bit rare but there are two ways to find it. One: The ore of the crystal(it gives you four or three crystals(its rare)) and a flower that you can find it at any biome (also rare).

With this, you can craft a lot of things, like: A sword, bricks block(green), a multiuse, a machine gun and a block.

Let´s start with the bricks block: They can be crafted by two ways, using normal bricks block and next to a green crystal. Or by using four green bricks. You can make slabs also. If you need the recipe, install the NEI for it.

Then the sword. It can be crafted by using two green crystals, one stick and a green crystal block (made by nine crystals). The sword has 24 damage.But nothing special.

The Multiuse: Its a shovel, a pickaxe and an axe together! It costs six crystals, two sticks and a crystal block. It has no damage (like punching with an item).If you need the recipe, install the NEI for it.

Machine gun: Its like a bow but more fast. It costs one stick, a bow, a dispenser and four crystals. Also it needs green arrows, that are made by using two crystals and an arrow (it gives you ten green arrows).

It also adds a command (/green) that is troll. When you execute the command, a lightning strikes at you. You can troll people with this ;).

Green Block: It has a very important part of the mod. You can use it for crafting, for compacting the crystals and also for..... A dimention! Its like a portal to nether. The igniter its made with: One string, one flint and steel and a crystal.

Dimention: Its like a nether with a thing called Green Rack. A lot of green crystals ores are in this diemention and also a mob called Green Pig. It also has a liquid called Acid.

Green Pig: Its like a pig that attacks you and , when you kill it, it gives you GreenMeat raw and also (with a little chance) a crystal.

GreenMeat: You obtain the raw one by killing a green pig. The cooked one, by cooking the raw meat and also (crafting) with two crystals and a raw pig meat (vanilla ones). The raw, feeds you three of food, and the cooked one feeds you all the hunger bar and two seconds of regeneration 4.,

Bugs: The acid has no texture and the pigs dont attack you. This will be fixed soon.


Thats all, Bye

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