Animal Craft

Published by Leodeboot on Sat, 08/12/2017 - 03:54
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Animal Craft is a mod that adds random stuff... Or is it?

Animal Craft Adds

  1. 75+ Mod Elements
  2. 2 biomes
  3. 2 dimensions
  4. 5 ores
  5. 5 sets of armor that give potion effects
  6. 4 swords 
  7. 2 guns
  8. 2 dimensions
  9. Fuel
  10. A Structure
  11. Custom trees for a biome
  12. A machiene that when clicked starts or stops rain
  13. 8 Achievemnts


These additions are barley anything. I plan on adding at least 300 more different elements to this modpack, and I have a lot of ideas. This modpack has some complex crafting recipies so I suggest using NEI with this mod. This mod is very hard to play without it. 


To go to the Animal Dimension you need to make a portal out of Emerald Blocks and Ignite it with an Animal Land igniter in the creative tools tab (Portal Frame will be changed soon)

To go to the corrupt Animal Dimension you need to make a portal out of Endstone and ignite it with a Corrupt Animal Igniter (portal frame will be changed soon as well)

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