Darra's Dimensions

Published by darraross on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 03:35
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Darra's Dimenstions is a mod that adds, well, Dimensions! This is my first mod so please be forgiving!


There are currently only two dimensions! 6304, a corrupted world with corrupted slimes! And Ocearth a ocean world where you need a special suit to survive! (Currently no suit or large bodys of water)


Blocks: theres FE25B Ore witch, when mined drops FE25B used to build the 6304 portal frame! Theres 6304 Block witch is found in the 6304 dimension, and is used to make the Ocearth igniter! Theres Ocearth Grass and Ocearth Stone, witch have no use! Then theres Moon rock, witch has no use and is planned for the Moon dimenstion!

Items: Staff 6304, crafted with 1 blaze rod and one FE25B, and used to ignite the 6304 portal! Ocearth Staff crafted with 1 blaze rod and 1 6304 block, used to ignite the Ocearth portal!


Planned: Moon Dimension. Cambrain Dimension.


If You have any ideas, post them below!

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