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A mod that adds a bot of everything!!! This is still in development so please sugest any addons you think will be good!!! Please use 1.11.2 to use this mod and if you do a mod showcase/have the mod in a youtube video, please put a link to this page and my channel. ( Enjoy my mod!!!

Modification files

WIP v0.1 First release.

WIP v0.5 Granite Bricks, Creeper Hater achievement (aquired by mining gunpowder ore), a way to craft Mossy Stone Brick and Cracked Stone Bricks, a command to enter the nether /nether (for creative and custom maps), Fried egg, seamless slab(from an old version of the game), Cyan flower(from an old version of Minecraft PE), Andisite Bricks, Diorite Bricks, Red Sandstone Bricks, Sandstone Bricks, and Ice Bricks. 

WIP v0.6 RELEASE FOR 1.12.2, Herobrine(kinda glitched), Frozite ore/tools/block/ingot