AuriumMod v0.0.12

Published by Auriumore on Sat, 09/16/2017 - 00:59
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Basically, this mod adds a ore and some other items, such as tools and a overpowered armor, created with this ore.

The first thing you need to do is:


* Search for Aurium Ore, this can be found between layers 32 and 16.


* After mining the Aurium Ore you have to smelt it, this will give you an Aurium Ingot.

Aurium Ingot


* Now you need to smelt this ingot in a furnace, this will make an Aurium Essence, this is the first step to purity.

Aurium Essence


* After doing the Aurium Essence you must make a Aurium Block, it is made with the following recipe:

Aurium Block


* You must place the Aurium Block on the ground and use an Aurium Essence on it (Right click with an Aurium Essence in hand). It will become a Pure Aurium Block.


* Now break this block and turn it into ingots (do the same as Diamond Block and others).

Pure Aurium Block > Pure Aurium Ingots


* You got 9 Pure Aurium Ingots, with this will be made available tools in the game:

-Aurium Pickaxe:

Aurium Pickaxe


-Aurium Shovel:

Aurium Shovel


-Aurium Axe:

Aurium Axe


-Aurium Hoe:

Aurium Hoe


-Aurium Sword:

Aurium Sword


*And the armor:

-Aurium Helmet:

Aurium Helmet


-Aurium Chestplate:

Aurium Chestplate


-Aurium Leggings:

Aurium Leggings


-Aurium Boots:

 Aurium Boots


---Created with MCreator---

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