Pine&Sap AJG

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Version 1.0:

In a Brief Way I'll describe this mod, It's based around trees, and ores. 

So the first part of the mod that will most likely be the first thing that you find is Pine Trees ( at this point in time I have not yet made them but their leaves and wood exist in the creative tab) These pine trees' leaves will drop a 100% chance of sap.

In short sap is twice as efficient as coal: smelting/cooking 16 items in one go instead of 8. Next off you have Spruce Blue Ore, this is a blue spruce colored ore that will be rare or hard to get: (How to obtain it is still being thought about as of now) 

Spruce Blue ore is smeltable so you can obtain it's metal: Spruce Blue Metal.

Spruce Blue Metal Recipes: Helmet, leggings, chestplate, and boots are the same shape pattern as any other armor in the crafting bench, but it uses of course, the Spruce Blue Metal.

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