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Extra Things Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2!


Metal Combiner: Used too make steel and works. Has 1 bug, so becareful.

Strawberry Bush: It is now easier to have food at the beginning!

Bush: Creative Only.

Gunpowder Block: a compact block for gunpowder, can't be crafted back yet, explodes!

Rawberry Bush: Bad Berrys, don't eat!


Strawberry: Yum, heals 1 food point.

Steel and Steel Pickaxe: A bit stronger than iron.

Dynamite: Throws and explodes!

Lighted Dynamite: Don't carry it!

Wither Bone and Wither Bonemeal: Kills plants! Test somethings out on what it does!

Rawberry: Looks like it has been posioned, or WITHERED, don't eat! Might come in handy someday!

Creative Potion of Levitation: Float away!


Shown at the top! Also, you can turn any leather armor back into leather! For the metal combiner you need: 7 steel, a furnace at the middle, and a block of coal at the bottom center.

Have fun.

Modification files
extra_things_mod_1.0.jar - 1.11.2 File98.98 KB


Got any ideas for the mod?