Random Utilities

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Inspired by mods like BC, Blood Magic, Extra Utilities I have created this mod to prove that I CAN create mods and here it is:

Random Utilities (RaUt) is a mod developed by me and meant to add things to minecraft, I think it should have (200+ Files of code). I have already implemented some things, but there are many more to go. Don't rage if you don't understand something, there is a In-Game Manual (that is still W.I.P.) explainig the things.

Why should I download your mod?

- It adds a lot of things to play with. So why not try out?

How do I start with your mod?

- At the first I'd suggest to mine some of the rare Aquilorite Ore (any Tool, its Water) and then... do whatever you want. For crafting recipes you should use JEI or something like this.

Hope you'll all have fun ; )

~~ CreepyCrafter24


CurseForge thread:

Official BDCraft Patch:

Release type
In development
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Modification files

- Fixes- New Recipes- Balance Changes