Darkness Rising

Published by TheMorphor on Sat, 10/28/2017 - 20:11
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Ooh Spooky!

As my second mod, this one will be updated better and faster because I already failed and fixed a bug here on my main mod :P.


Update LOG:


To Do:

-Blast Off Boots

-Dark Tools

-Dark Temples (In Dark Dimension)




Version 1.0.0:

--Dark Dimension And Dark Pearl

--Vine Core and Armor

--Cactus Chestplate

--Dark Minigun

--/nuke, /blow up, and /gm command

--Bottle Of Air

--Prehistoric Fern


Modification files
DarknessRisingVersion1.0.0.jar - For 1.11.2174.37 KB

Seems a good mod :) Please could you work a little more on the image though, maybe showing all the features the mod adds?