The Depths of Minecraft (Not done yet)

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Because the mod is not in development yet and cannot be downloaded, the file you can download is only to preview textures, planned features and more.

Welcome to the official TDoMC mod page!

The mod will only start development when I get more RAM into my computer. Also, the preview folder will have all available stuff in the mod. This includes textures, planned features and more.

Note: Avoid posting fake dates, spamming (begging is considered as spamming) or spreading rumors. The mod will only be released when the first alpha is completely done (this also means bug fixes).
If you want to help me by giving ideas, please post in the comment section.

Also, the background used in the icon is not mine. Credit to everyone who made the pictures. Since the mod will only be in development soon, this mod page will be more earlier than the mod itself. You can download the folder to see that I did, so this doesn't work in Minecraft. Also, this mod will change stuff from the Default resource pack, and to add more ambient music instead of the boring (in my opinion) 2013 Minecraft music.

When the mod is released to the public, I will allow it for modpacks, roleplaying, speedrunning, mod reviews, etc. This mod will have add-ons, like The Harvest of Minecraft, etc. (Credit not needed, but appreciated.)

The mod will be also for other  Minecraft versions (1.7.10 - 1.11.2, but will not have as much stuff as the original one), and will have snapshots or legacy builds.

Release type
Maintainance only
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
TDoMC Preview - Updated preview folder for textures if you are curious what the mod will be like. (version 24112017)1.21 MB

The mod isn't in development yet. I only will work on the mod when I get more RAM for my laptop.

N = may not affect final version

I = may be changed in the future

S = scrapped idea

O = old idea

V = available in vanilla versions

W = work in progress

P = not available in preview folder

H = may happen in future versions / coming soon

A = add-on (optional)

Preview version 24112017: 
  • AN Planned new sword texture
  • Planned wooden tile block
  • VIS Planned new wood trapdoors
  • New frost biome planned
  • New wallpaper blocks
  • New planned boomerangs
  • Stonebrick trapdoors

June-July 2018:
  • New textures for tools, ingots, etc.
  • Grammar fix on platinum textures' name by replacing "plantinium" to platinum
  • New advancements planned (sorta)
  • Obsidian rapier and fiery amber planned.
  • Sky Edges has a wiki (this mod will get one too)
  • Happy birthday The Depths of Minecraft!

Preview 0.4 - A Remaster of a Nonexistent Thing:
  • Improved textures
  • Added a bundle of new ones
  • Zark is replaced with Endlitte
  • The original purpose of garnets in this mod was completely scrapped and now planned to be found in the Nether
  • Hellfire Anvils have a better purpose, which allows for combining up to 3 types of materials and 5 Cursed Tomes, allowing for making tomed tools faster than it was going to be supposed to.
  • Custom spawners are now scrapped as I am planning to balance the mod
  • Polished stone bricks now use the vanilla stone brick pallette.
  • Basalt is made less black.
  • Textures of tools were changed to have their own identity.

Coming soon:
  • Improvements to slingshots and ammo's textures
  • ANWS Fixed and improved textures for leaves, logs, stained glass, nether, etc (I have to fix the spruce planks texture)


Submitted by HyperSGYT on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 01:27

How this mod will works?
Sounds Good!

It's like to add a overhaul to survival mode by adding a more biomes and other stuff, and it also has craft-able monster spawners and spawn eggs. Also, the mod has more planned features than in the review folder.

And also, I may try to make it stable via fixing the Plains biome so structures don't spawn in there. But it's impossible to make custom plants not to spawn in Superflat worlds unless you chose a certain preset, such as Overworld.

Be aware that you can't use Mcreator to craft spawn eggs. because spawn eggs use NBT tags to choose which mob they spawn, you can't craft them using the basic recipe mod element, because they will have no NBT tags, and consequently just be plain white and not spawn anything.

And after all, you can't use .json recipe files to get away with it either. I know spawn eggs use NBT data, as that's how that works.
Besides, I already scrapped the craftable spawn eggs feature anyway.

Also, other biomes (like Autumn Plains/Forest) will have different structures (like pumpkin patches with a hut next to it in Redwood / Mega Taiga biomes; a camping site situated in Extreme Hills, Forest, Roofed Forest, etc; villages in biomes like Mesa, Mushroom Island, Roofed Forest (like woodland mansions, but use friendly illager mobs instead of hostile ones such as vindicators, vexes or evokers), Cherry Hills (where cherry trees are), etc.
Plus, you will be able to craft sticks and wooden tools depending by wood type, stone tools depending by stone type (because there is an unused item in ReduxRedstone's GUI generator which said "Granite Pickaxe" in red, and it also allows the player to craft a stone pickaxe via normal stone blocks), dyeing iron armour (16 dyed iron armour sets), more terracotta blocks, etc.