Useless Commands

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In development
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Completed Useless Commands including:


/arrow :shoots an arrow down..

/1 : Changes gamemode to Creative

/0 : Survival

/2 : Spectator

/sounddeath ; Plays sound then kills u.

/r : toggle downfall


First Version, 5 commandsV.2 added toggle downfall new command, it is now /r  Leave suggestions on what commands i should implement

yo, I have ideas, but nice ideas, ok? /b for setblock, /s for summon, /tnt for summon PrimeTnT, //w for wooden axe (worldedit), /ke for kill @e, /drugs for Nausea and Blindness

...check this out!

Useless Command for freaking out friends: /fakekill. It would put the text for kill all entities into the chat, not doing anything but freaking out everyone on the server!