Modern Weapons Mod + Extra Stuff

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The Modern Weapons + Extra Stuff Mod adds a few things (3 new mobs, 6 more weapons like guns and swords, more armor, and a bunch more foodstuffs) to hopefully enhance your gameplay. It is our first mod so don't expect much...


New Armor Set:

Combat Armor - Helmet gives you water breathing, Chestplate gives you resistance, leggings give you jump boost and boots give you speed

New Mobs:

Soldier - Friendly Mob that attacks most hostile mobs.

Bandit - Hostile Mob that move quite fast.

Mutant Zombie - Hostile Mob that moves fast and has high health. Also makes weird sounds.

New Weapons:

Assault Rifle - Decent damage, okay speed (not automatic)

UZI - Low damage, crrraAazy speed! Might want to craft a lot of bullets.

Pistol - The lamest gun. Low damage and okay speed

Sniper - ∞ damage (not really), as fast as assault rifle. Basically, the most OP weapon. (we are going to nerf it but it might take literally forever because we're so lazy)

Military Knife - Better than Iron, might even be better than diamond, IDK.

Xanite Sword - Something ACTUALLY original. The most OP sword in this mod.

New Foods:

I'm too lazy to type in the foods, just find out for yerself. ;D

Modification files
Modern Weapons Mod + Extra Stuff.jar - Version 1.0 of this mod. Compatible with MC version 1.11.2140.08 KB

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