CrazyChaos mod Version 3

Published by mc85 on Fri, 12/01/2017 - 00:12
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Welcome to CrazyChaos mod V 0.3 So far, the mod contains two new ores, three new dimensions, two new tool sets., and a few new items, as well as a Steve and Alex mob. Living TNT will also spawn and try to kill you like a creeper. Shiny gems can be mined from shiny ore, and when smelted, become burnt gems. 8 burnt gems around a flint and steel make a burnt lighter, to go to that new dimension. Burnt/Steel tools are crafted like any other tool. The same goes for Burnt/Steel blocks. Get to the moon by making a portal out of burnt blocks, and then using a moon lighter on it. Diamond apples are made with a golden apple, and 8 diamonds. Get to the space by making a portal out of moonstone and using a mechanical lighter. View changelog to see all addtions in a update. Magic mass update (0.4) coming soon


Sorry for any inconveniences in this mod

Modification files
CrazyChoasMo (mcreator).mcr - Steel Update (V 0.2)Uploaded on: 12/02/2017 - 00:33   File size: 261.83 KB
CrazyChoasMod.mcr - Way up UpateUploaded on: 12/02/2017 - 22:04   File size: 356.01 KB

Launch V 0.1 on 11/30/17

V 0.2  (Steel update) released. Added steel ore, steel ingot, steel tools/armor, removed "glitch" mob, added pistol and pistol bullet, moon dimension, __mob, __ghast, new (but kinda rare structures), diamond apples, tables, and Steel block.

V 0.3 Added empty magic staff, filled magic staff, white puff, corrupted code mob,  scafolding, reinforced block, debugged diamond apple, space dimension, blue tnt, throwing knife, diamond apple achivement, creative mod tab. Get to space dimension by using moonstone blocks and a mechanical lighter. Also "Definitely"  did not replace glitches with Herobrine. I would never do that.

Remaking mod for 1.12.2