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Published by dotBeta on Fri, 12/08/2017 - 20:55
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This mod introduces many new ways to make and find food in Minecraft. This is for anyone who thought Minecraft's food selection just wasn't enough...


There are many new food items introduced in this mod, including

- Cracked Eggs

- Scrambled Eggs

- Hard Boiled Eggs

- Chopped Vegetable Mix

- Sauteed Vegetable Mix

- Flesh

- Cooked Mushrooms

- Cooked Spider Eyes

- Pasta

- Spaghetti

- Large Bread

- Grapes

- Bacon

- Chocolate

- Gingerbread

- Wine

- Banana

- Banana Bread

- Naan

- Brownies

- Cupcakes

- Creme Brulee

- Coffee Beans

- Coffee

Plus, items and ingredients, including

- Butcher Knives

- Flour

- Yeast

- Salt

- Salt Pickaxe

- Syringe

- Ginger

- Pasta

Planned additions (more to come in the future)

- Chicken Curry

- Chicken Noodle Soup

- Ramen

- Sushi

- Lemons

- Oranges

- Peaches

- Coconuts

- Ice Cream

- Custard

- Beer

- Lasagna

- Omelette

- Onion


Cracked Eggs, Vegetable Mixes, Wheat, Raw Creme Brulee, and Coffee Beans are smeltable, among other items. Experiment around! There are 15+ crafting recipes and plenty of things to cook.


Please give me feedback and tell me if you like the mod or not. Thanks!


Alpha 1.2.0


+Vanilla Orchid

+Vanilla Flower

+Vanilla Extract



+Raw Creme Brulee

+Cooked Creme Brulee

+Coffee Tree

+Coffee Bean

+Roasted Coffee Bean

+Dark Coffee

+Milk Coffee (Is actually worse than dark coffee, which gives you speed, so not sure why I made it)


Alpha 1.1.0

Yeah i deleted it all because i'm dumb