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This is the Amiris mod, a survival-themed and...well...to be completely honest...VASTLY unfinished mod...

There is a bunch of stuff that could be added to this to make it a worthwhile survival experience, but for now, I'll be releasing development builds...? I guess?

Anyway, refer to the changelog if you want to know what's currently in this mod. Soon, I will also be releasing Survival Worlds including quests (Props to BetterQuesting: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/better-questing) to add an even more in-depth adventure! (And 'story'.)

I hope you enjoy using the Amiris Mod!

Modification files
Minecraft - Amiris Mod - Development Build 1.0.jar - Development Build 1.0Uploaded on: 12/20/2017 - 21:30   File size: 43.63 KB

   (Development Build 1.0) :

  • Added Fallen Stars. I wonder what could be contained within these...
  • Added Iron Rods, essentially a Iron version of a stick. Currently only has one use.
  • Added three variants of the Amiris Sword:

Amiris Sword

Powered Amiris Sword

True Amiris Sword

  • Added Zirion Plants. A cringy name for a plant that spews Sugar Cane...
  • Added the 'Rush Sword'. It's a recipe involving Sugar that can power up a certain level 2 sword...