Published by josra102 on Thu, 12/28/2017 - 19:05
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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♦ -[ Final version mod ]- ♦

Little mod adds 12 magic wands

To make wands you need magic dust from different dusts and diamonds

All sticks are tough and can be repaired with magical dust on the anvil

List of different sticks :

  • ♦Fire wand burns everything and gives fire resistance ♦
  • ♦Water wand creates water and pribodari moba it turns into an octopus♦
  • ♦Nature wand creates tree♦
  • ♦Frost wand freezes animal♦
  • ♦Light wand puts torch♦
  • ♦Ender wand teleporter♦
  • ♦Flying stick gives flight for 2 minutes♦
  • ♦Time wand does the day♦
  • ♦Dynamite wand explodes the landscape but you do not die♦
  • ♦Rainbow wand makes a rainbow♦
  • ♦Heart stick restores health♦


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