The Most OP Sword You Will EVER See In Your LIFE!

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This mod is a small but cool mod that adds a sword that is so OP you can't take damage at all.



It's the base of the sword and it's almost like diamond ore but a bit rarer. It spawns at level 16 like diamonds but it's a lot better so that makes it fair. It gives you a Ball Of Aquinium,

which you can later turn into aquinium gems, which you HAVE to put it the MIDDLE slot.



This Sword isn't the OP one but when you upgrade it, it gets really strong. The sword will 11 damage on hit but no special abilities. It is crafted like a normal sword.



This is the sword that makes you invincible. This sword aside from it having 17 attack damage it has an ability to give you EVERY single good buff in Minecraft on right click on a block. This is crafted by, 1 stick on bottom middle, 4 Aquinium Swords in middle left and right middle and top middle, 2 Aquinium gems at top remaining slots and 2 Aquinium Balls at the bottom remaining slots.


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