Submitted by xSnowyx on Sun, 01/14/2018 - 04:39
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Sorry for the image, but MC just crashes for me each time I try to load it up. But anyway, here's what this mod adds!



Ghost Glass: A Full, decorative block that serves as glass and the portal frame!

Ghost Log: No rotation, but gets you Ghost Planks!

Ghost Leaves: The leaves for the log!

Ghost Planks: Crafted from a piece of Ghost Log! (Looks kinda nice too!)

Ghost Lamp: Light up your area with a nice sea-green-ish block of light!


Ghost!: Main item to craft anything from Ghostland

Ghost Stick: Used to craft Ghostland tools!

Scythe of the Ghosts: Strong, insta-kill tool from the ghosts!


Ghostland: A land filled with Ghost Trees and abandoned Ghost Houses!

If you're having issues, please let me know! Enjoy!


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