SabretoothSasquatch's More Gems Mod

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This mod is still a WIP, suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! This mod adds many gems and minerals with more to come soon! If you have any gems you'd like to see or any recommendations, please leave a comment! If you'd like to support me to see more mods and better quality in the future, please consider subscribing to my patreon! Doing so will get you access to early versions of the mods, polls, and you can comment more directly to get your ideas for this and any other mods

Modification files

Version 1.3 - Ore Mania!:

-Adds Green Jasper, Green Jasper chunk, Sanded Green Jasper, Polished Green Jasper

-Adds Dalmatian Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper Bricks, Dalmatian Jasper chunk

-Adds Turquoise block, Turquoise chunk, Big Turquoise chunk

-Adds Rhodonite block, Rhodonite chunk

-Adds Green Sapphire, Padparadscha, cut variants

-Adds Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red Topaz, Cut variants

-Adds Aquamarine, cut Aquamarine, Aquamarine Block

-Adds Black Opal

-Adds Fire Agate

-Adds Hessonite, cut Hessonite

-Adds Nephrite, Polished Nephrite

-Adds Watermelon Tourmaline, cut Watermelon Tourmaline

-Adds Red Tourmaline, cut Red Tourmaline

-Adds Rose Quartz block, Rose Quartz pillar

-Adds Holly Blue Agate block

-Adds Ametrine block



Version 1.2.1:

-Adds Raw Ruby, Raw Sapphire, Raw Peridot, Cloth, Bottle of polish, Saw Blade, Sand Paper, Dremel, Sanded Jasper, Polished Jasper, Cut Amethyst, and recipes to Cut Rubies and Sapphires.

-Dremel and Bottle of potion are currently infinite.

-Coming soon: Padparadscha (orange sapphire), Green Sapphire, Hessonite (orange garnet), Aquamarine, Black Opal, Fire Agate, and Green Jasper.

Hello ! are the suggestion still open? if yes, then i suggest :
- Alexendrite, the changing color gem
- Opalite, that can be made from glass and some opal dust (if you want to create something like this)
- Cinabar, the gem covered in mercure
- Pecock ore and Bornite, rainbow gem
- Topazes (+5 point if you add 4 different type)
- Zircons, or the poor diamond
- Moon and sun stone, the day and night in the pocket
- Phosphophyllite, a weak gem
- Berils
- Galaxite
- Malachite
- Fluorite
- Rutile
and many more, i just can't name them all