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New Weapons and Armor Ruby armor- Permanent Fire Resistance! Ruby Sword-Got blocks you never want to see again?( Dirt) Place it and right click to make it disintegrate. New Dimension: Lumina- Rivers, Glowing trees and lots of mushrooms. Looks like paradise, but is it a whole lot more dangerous? You find out! New guns including flamethrowers and bazookas. This mod is still a WIP so please tell me if there is anything wrong. New dimensions and even more things coming soon!


4/24/19: As of this date, I apologize sincerely to those who downloaded this mod and greatly enjoyed it. Due to technical difficulties with MCreator, I am unable to view, or edit AdventureCraft. I will continue working to try and fix this problem but as of this date, Adventurecraft will no longer be updated until further notice. If I cannot get past the technical difficulties to continue working on this mod, I will try and make another mod, with the same general set of items (dimensions, biomes, mobs, etc.). Thank you for almost 100 downloads and I apologize sincerely for this problem. The mod will continue to be on MCreator for download, but it will not be updated. If this mod gets to 80 downloads, I will list all of the unused content I was going to add. Thank you for supporting this mod.

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Hello everyone.
Plz make a wiki about this mod.
You all are a great mod community. Thnx for all the support on this mod and nearly 100 downloads.

Submitted by ultrasquid on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 18:10

this mod looks amazing! how does it not have MOTW already?

It seems it is a cool mod, but could you add a few more images?