More Uses of Emeralds

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This mod Contains

- Emerald Tools. (Crafted like every other tool)

- Emerald Chunk. (Drops 2 Emeralds insted of one)

- Hardened Oil. (Drops from the ore)

- Hardened Oil Ore. (Used too make gummy)

- Gummy. (Melt hardened oil to get gummy)

- Oxygen Tank. (5 Iron Blocks + 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Gummy)

- Underwater Helmet. (5 Gummy + 1 Glass + 2 Oxygen Tanks)



Credits: XSwedenX for fixing the typos xD 


Check out his awesome mod called More Materials Plus on this link:


Plz help me make the mod better, if you have any suggestions or a bug report then comment!

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

-This is the first version of the mod comment to help and report bugs plz!

I heard thath its insta crashes im trying to fix it now?

SO im fixed it now please use the mod and comment for any sugestion!

im planned to remove emerald mods beacuse is so many other mods that have better emeralds tools like Material plus