The Unrest

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   Discover the horror that lies within the unrest.  The dark, deadly environment will surely make living hard.  Do you have what it takes to survive?


     Warning mod is really hard.  

     Optifine is recommended.

     Download and enjoy!



Latest supported Minecraft version
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     Introducing the turret used for defending you base in the Unrest.  Will only attack the mobs of the Unrest.  Has a really large crafting chain

     Along with the turret, there is now a small gun (soon the more in the future)

     Tweaked the hardness of all blocks so they now behave properly (they will break with normal tools and in less time)

     Added custom sound when the cursed sword is crafted

     fixed textures of mobs (trimmed some down and fixed the crawler and fleshling)

     Figured out how to make custom skins for custom entities (Turret)

     Seedling now has less health

     New items include brand new, completely custom textures


     Recipes are now shapeless (YAY!)

     Restless blood physics improved (drags you down, makes you slower, and flows faster)

     Healing heart no longer explodes when destroyed; instead it plays a sound

     Remade sword, so expect a few differences

     Added seedling, a mob that has a range and close attack.  Also drops fruit!

     Added swimmer, a mob that is custom built and ready for action

     Fixed issue where mobs would burn in sunlight and drop rotten flesh or spider eyes.

     Balanced mobs better

     Removed blood clot

~0.0.4 (Bug Fix)

     Turned the custom mobs speed down a lot.

     The sword actually works!


     Now has armor and tools!

     Custom mobs, soon to be more.

     Special trees now spawn rarely in the Overworld.

     Fixed a few bugs and did some balancing

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