Published by ttkindell on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 16:20
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Story:You find your way in a mine and you find a weird looking ore. You try to mine it but a beast stole it. Try and find that beast and kill him. Note:This mod is still in the test phase. If you find issues put it in the mod comments.

I am now back from almost 4 years ago! That's crazy, but I am currently reinstalling MCreator. I will try my best at learning this new version of MCreator and try to upload a new mod(steering away from fluix diamond) as soon as I can.

Another thing, there were original plans for a fluix diamond 2 mod with way more features(5 bosses, more diamonds, etc.) and I originally posted a very early alpha of it for people to download, but it was taken down by the mcreator staff.

One last thing, I was 8 when I made the original fluix diamond, so a lot has changed since then and I have less free time, but I will try to make my new mod as soon as possible.