The Mod Of Minerals

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The World Was Touched by a God Who Filled This World with New and Unknown Materials for All Mortals Trying to Challenge the Gods, What Will Prepare The Mortals Trying to Challenge The Gods, Will Win The God In Charge Of Them Materials?

This Mod was created with the intention of facilitating the way to get the materials, only for people who already have diamond tools.

In New Versions It Is Possible That Complies More Mod At Moment Is Only To Facilitate Advancement In The Game From Already A Specific Point.


Equivocado Este No Era Ni El Siguiente Busca mejor En Mi. Si En Mi Ya Sabes... Yo La Clasica Imagen Eso Estara En Otra Zona Que Tu Sabes...Que Puedes Buscar En El Primer Mundo Un Enlace...

Al Final Si Era Esa Este Lugar Pero Para Ir A Otro.

Modification files
Mod of Minerals 1.1.jar - Mod Of Minerals 1.1 (New Ores!)3.29 MB
Mod of Minerals 1.2.jar - Mod Of Minerals 1.2 (New More Ores)3.39 MB
Mod Of Minerals 1.3.jar - Mod Of Minerals 1.3 (Mobs And Ores)3.48 MB
Mod Of Minerals 1.4.jar - Mod Of Minerals 1.4 (Final Version)3.49 MB

Mod Of Minerals 1.0.1 More Ores! Version:

-More Diamond Ore

-More Gold Ore

-More Coal Ore

-More Iron Ore And More...

-Dirt Ore

-Ruby Ore


Mod Of Minerals 1.1 New Ores! Version:

New Ores

New Blocks

New Item

New Tools


Mod Of Minerals 1.2 New More Ores:

New Blocks

New Tools

New Ores


Mod Of Minerals 1.3 Mobs And Ores Version:

New Ores

New Items

New Mobs


Mod Of Minerals 1.4 Final version:

-New Tool

-New Mob