Minecraft Original: The Calamity Mod (Beta)

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This mod is very new and will soon become a huge mod. So far as a develepor I have seen good things and bad things, but I think this mod is going to be a very good mod for many reasons!!! Please Like and favorite this mod and tell me how you liked it.

Notice: This is only in beta form so there will be bugs and way more to come.

Update 1.6: More Solar Items And Stuff, New Weapon Called The Grim Reaper's Reaper, And A New Dimension Called The Life Dimension.

Update 1.8: Figured out how to do code, so the finale and all that stuff has upgraded damage. Also, the first pickaxe was made today for the mod called the molten pickaxe.

Modification files
Minecraft Calamity Mod.jar - Link To Mod Here!!!Uploaded on: 03/19/2018 - 01:40   File size: 176.52 KB

Holy crap guys, I made the finale go up to 1000 damage!!! But, it is an end game weapon, so it evens out.

so basically if we can kill every mob in one hit just because it is an end game weapon AND it could be used to kill future hard bosses then u are questioning yourself "why are the bosses so easy?? i made them do 10000 damage per hit!" JUST BECAUSE it is an end game weapon DOES IT MEAN it evens out...? I suggest adding a special move to the finale, so that it's more OP

It says original... Haven’t played it, so maybe the fact I hear Devourer of Gods Music is just a coincidence.