Emerald Mod

Submitted by KoleH on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 22:42
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The Emerald Mod has been a much needed mod for a long time because emeralds are almost useless in Minecraft, only used in villager trades and beacons. Emeralds are so rare and as I said before, useless. This mod adds a new set of emerald gear so it can finally be useful and better than diamonds. This mod adds a whole new goal in Minecraft, a goal that will take long to complete because emeralds are so rare. Here is exactly what the mod adds.

  • Emerald Sword
  • Emerald Pickaxe
  • Emerald Axe
  • Emerald Shovel
  • Emerald Hoe
  • Emerald Helmet
  • Emerald Chestplate
  • Emerald Leggings
  • Emerald Boots

That concludes the mod, thank you so much if you download this mod. Mod created in MCreator All textures for this mod were made in Pixelmator a great photo editing program. Logo for this mod was made with Photoshop & Pixelmator. I had to upload the mod again because a moderator took it down. If you are a mod and are looking at this, before taking it down please comment the reason why it was unpublished.

Latest supported Minecraft version
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1.0 - Release

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Submitted by TomdraX on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 20:11

This is a very well designed mod, nice!

However there are some things I dislike about it,

- The textures for the tools are a little bit rough, you need to make them a little bit more smooth in terms of shading.

- I dislike how the emerald tools are so much more stronger, a diamond sword does 7 damage, the emerald sword does 10, and same with the tools they're too overpowered, the emerald pickaxe does freaking 8 damage!

- And lastly the biggest problem is that you cant craft the emerald helmet, but you can craft the chestplate, leggings and boots? you really need to fix that.